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A voice from home changes the course of events

Dave was on his way to visit the Kenyan Ministry of Defense (KMOD) when he got a call from Brenda Harcourt asking if he and the Rabbi wanted to meet with the Deputy General Secretary of the All African Conference of Churches. What an opportunity to further interfaith dialogue.

Talk about religious engagement. The AACC represents 173 church bodies in 40 African nations speaking for about 120 million people. They even have diplomatic status and an ambassador to the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. “Of course we said, ‘yes, please’,” Dave said.

Brenda Harcourt is a missionary of the Presbyterian Church USA. Our home Presbytery in Northwest Illinois sponsored her in her mission work so Dave knew of her, although he never met her in person until he went to Kenya. The Executive Presbyter connected them when Dave mentioned in an e-mail that he would be visiting Kenya.

Dave was excited to meet Brenda. And Brenda seemed to feel the same way since she worked in Kenya for several years and rarely received visitors from home.

Unbeknownst to Dave and his companions, the AACC expected them around 1 p.m., but they did not finish with the KMOD until that time. After a brief phone call, the AACC graciously pushed the lunch meeting back an hour to accommodate the schedule change.

Next up: Meeting with the AACC

Note: Read more about Brenda Harcourt’s mission in Kenya in my upcoming book, based on this blog.