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A Break in Italy

Usually during a six or seven-month deployment, the military member does not get to see their spouse in the middle of the tour, so when the United State African Command chaplains planned a conference for mid-March in Padova, Italy, Dave jumped on the chance to bring Vicki over. He also got a four-day pass to tack on the end of the conference.

We met in Paris and flew to Venice together. Unfortunately, Vicki’s luggage liked Paris better so it stayed there. Then, after spending so much time at the luggage claims counter, we missed our ride to the hotel in Padova. Dave called the hotel and they sent another car.

However, that driver was not expecting Vicki for some reason and he already had two other passengers and their bags. We managed to all squeeze into the car, but it wasn’t comfortable. “I realized on the drive, that if Vicki’s luggage had arrived, there wouldn’t be room for it in the car,” Dave said. “God does have a way of working things out, even if we don’t see it at the time.”  Of course, if her luggage had come on time, we wouldn’t have missed the first ride to begin with.

Participants of the USAFRICOM Chaplains' conference find their seats for dinner.
Participants of the USAFRICOM Chaplains’ conference find their seats for dinner.

We arrived at the Panoramic Hotel Plaza in Padova about 6 p.m., three hours later than expected. We had enough time to settle in our room and still make the 7:30 p.m. dinner. “What a dinner! Lots of pizza and appetizers I thought was the main course. Then came the pasta and main courses. Sheesh!” Dave said.

Vicki was a little uncomfortable, having not changed her underwear for more than 24 hours. She prayed her bag came the next day or she would have to buy new clothes. Of course, Vicki would enjoy buying new clothes too.

It was a long day and we finally got to bed about 10:30 p.m. Italy time and passed out.

Dar es Salaam — A modern, clean city

After spending money on the tanzanite, Dave and Navy Chaplain Captain Jon Cutler explored Dar es Salaam. They particularly wanted to see the churches built when the Europeans occupied the country. They found a Lutheran church and a Roman Catholic Church. Both churches were built between 1897 and 1902. In the Lutheran church, they climbedContinue Reading