Shining A Light on the Dark Continent

A Chance Encounter

Dave’s favorite saying, or at least one of them, is “Coincidence is when God wants to remain anonymous.” Therefore, in this next story, God was clearly at work based on the amount of coincidence.

One November night, after his first dinner with the coalition that included the Japanese Ambassador and his wife, the European Ambassador, the U.S. Ambassador, and representatives of the Japanese, Korean, British and French militaries, he was on his way to his Compartmentalized Living Unit (CLU – a fancy way of saying semi-trailer divided and stacked to make rooms for the troops).

This is what the CLUs look like.
This is what the CLUs look like.

Walking home, he was on the gravel road between CLUs when he met up with an Air Force Technical Sergeant on the sidewalk.

“Hi,” I said. She turned around and I said, “We Air Force types have to stick together.”  Camp Lemonnier is a joint base with lots of Navy and Army and some Air Force people.

She mumbled something and I said, “I am Chaplain Terrinoni.” Her eyes got huge and I thought that maybe she knew me. However, no, she said she was having a tough day and had just finished talking to her mom. Her mom told her to pray for God to send her an angel and someone to talk with and there I was. God is good – all the time. We talked and prayed together before we parted.

A little later in the month, Dave ran into the same Technical Sergeant and she told him she had a 180⁰ change in the issues about which they discussed and prayed.

It is amazing how God puts people in the right place at the right time.

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