Shining A Light on the Dark Continent

About This Blogged Book

“Eastern Africa: Stories of Hope and Faith” follows US Air Force Chaplain Lt. Col David Terrinoni on his journey to  Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, the Comoros Islands, Tanzania and Djibouti as he meets with religious and military leaders to work toward peace and stop terrorism from infiltrating to nations already struggling with war, poverty, disease and starvation. Along the way, he meets several people and groups who stand out in their efforts to bring hope to this area. “Eastern Africa: Stories of Hope and Faith” introduces you to some of these extraordinary people who risk much to help their fellow human beings live better lives.

Readers of this blog and book will learn ways to help, learn how citizens of these nations struggle simply to survive,see how Christians and Muslims work side by side to improve their countries, and dispel the notion that all Muslims are fanatics.