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An Afghan Pilot Went Postal

An Afghani Goes Postal

Do you remember the group of Americans killed at the Kabul International Airport back in April 2011? Well that is how Maj. David “Klepto” Brodeur and eight others died.

A veteran Afghan air force pilot executed eight U.S. service people, including Klepto, and an American civilian contractor. The nine Americans attended a daily meeting with Afghan officers when the pilot opened fire in the room. An Afghan soldier also died in the attack. ( According to a statement by the Afghan Defense Ministry, “the pilot opened fire on foreigners after an argument during the meeting.” ( The American service people had loaded side arms on their persons at the time of the attack, per NATO regulations, so we don’t understand how he was able to kill all 10 people. However, reports also indicate that he was shot during a gun battle and died in a different part of the building, so someone got some shots off.

At the time of his death, Klepto was an adviser to the Afghan Command and Control Center under the NATO Air Training Command at the Kabul International Airport.

It was a tragic way to go. “We in the Air Force expect to lose some people in aircraft incidents, not executed by an Afghan going postal” Dave wrote in his journal

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