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Cheetahs prefer Italians

This friendly cheetah took a lick of Dave's arm during a visit to the Nairobi Safari Walk
This friendly cheetah took a lick of Dave’s arm during a visit to the Nairobi Safari Walk

Did you know cheetahs prefer Italians over people of Jewish heritage? It’s true. As part of his Kenyan excursion, Dave went to the Nairobi Safari Walk along with Brenda Harcourt and US Navy Chap. Jon Cutler and had a close encounter with a cheetah.

The park itself was amazing. “Wild animals in their natural habitat! I got lots of pictures including two albino zebras, rhinos, leopard turtles and a leopard lounging in a tree,” Dave said. “But the most amazing experience was being allowed in the cheetah enclosure.”

Dave likened the cheetahs to our family cats, only bigger.

“One came up to Jon, licked him a few times, then sat between us, looked from one to the other and started licking my left arm,” Dave said. The cheetah then got up and went to Dave’s right side and started licking that arm, as Dave rubbed its head.

“It reminded me of my cat, River, licking my arms only the tongue was 10 times bigger and just as rough.”

As Dave rubbed the big cat’s head, it also purred and leaned into him. “I had no idea they purred like that,” he said.

Dave said amazingly he was not scared. “The cats were calm and I figured the park workers were also inside the fence, although they stood right by the door to the enclosure.”

This excursion was definitely a highlight of his trip. When they left the park, they went to the Nairobi Synagogue, Dave with “cheetah slobber on both arms!”

This cheetah is just lounging around.
This leopard is just lounging around.

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